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When measuring your dog please allow a few inches for wiggle room. If your dog’s measurement is at the end of a size, be safe and size up. You can also leave a note with your dog’s measurement and we can help with sizing. 

The Water-Resistant Collection is only available in the 1" and 1.5" width. 

Medium: Fits neck 12”-16”
Large: Fits neck 15”-20”
Extra Large: Fits neck 18”-26”

* IMPORTANT * Please note that the stainless steel D-rings are bigger than your standard D-rings. We suggesting adding the STAINLESS STEEL S-BINER when checking out. 


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Love this collar

Great product

The leash of your dreams

This leash has it all. It’s not only absolutely beautiful it has every function that you could want/ need. I love the hands free capability when I am pushing my stroller with my kids on walks or on the trails. I love the control handle for training in the leash and I love that you can also use it as a normal leash. You need this leash!

Amazing quality dog collar, with an even better looking style to it!

Great Fi Harness!

Ordered the Fi harness because I had a Fi Collar and then a separate collar. It was not convenient to use both. The Wildside Fi Harness is so easy to use and you can tell it was made with quality materials. Love the design but also would like the option of plain colors as well.

No poo left behind

I am obsessed with this! Nothing better than having something else to carry the poop so you can enjoy your walk!

Dogs + plants = 💚

This plant lady/dog mom is so happy! I love this monstera collar so much. The print looks amazing in person and I love that it comes in 1.5” width so I can actually see it on my bear-like lab. We haven’t put the waterproofing to the test just yet, but everything about it feels like it will hold up for a long time.

Candi’s customer service is also excellent. The first collar I received had a defective slider. Candi helped me identify what the problem was and sent out a new collar and a shipping label for me to return the first one.

Overall a 10/10 experience. Now the only question is how long I can hold out before getting the matching monstera keychain 😬

Great design!

Perfect for carrying poop bags in style! The design puts the "fun" in "functional"!

Mt. Millicent

Such a durable collar, but still a cute design. We get compliments, everywhere. And! It’s fi compatible. So, safety is just a link add on away.

Amazing quality and so vibrant

Beautifully and sturdily made! I love how the colors pop! Very happy with my purchase and can’t wait to come back for a leash

Awesome Collar

This is my second collar from Wildside. I really love the quality of the collar which keeps me coming back. My dog is active, goes in water, and rubs her body on all the rugs/carpets and this collar does not fall apart or wreck easily (unlike other collars I have had). It is super easy to wash and I love the design!

Awesome Leash!

I absolutely love this leash! My dog is on the smaller side (30lbs) so I really loved the 7ft option because it was long enough for me to use cross body! THis was very helpful when I need to navigate her and want both my hands free. The quality and color of the national bark leash is great!

A new fave

Love this harness! It’s makes very well, has fantastic features like elastic for shock absorption, and the Fi compatibility. Would definitely recommend this harness and company!

Perfect fit

It has been very difficult to find a harness that was a good fit and well made for our mix breed boy. The extra large harness is a terrific fit and he was comfortable first time wearing a harness. And so easy to put on and take off. Highly recommend.

Useful both ways

I re-use any plastic bags as poopy bags, so this cool tool holds the empty bag and then holds the bag fulla poopy, both ways.
Bread bag, grocery bag, produce bag, mail bag, newspaper bag, chips bag, packaging material bag for new electronics, the fancy bag that a Wildside collar comes in, all these types of bags fit right into the tool, before and after I pick up the poo.


so convenient that they have this available !! :)

Perfect for my branch eating pup

Loved the collar! The links being on top of the collar is a game changer, since the Fi brand collars are inline and aren’t the greatest design for dogs who love to grab each other’s collars. Great quality and the pattern was exactly what was pictured online.

Awesome New Leash Style!

I’m in the process of testing this leash out with my dogs and it’s going well so far. I love the traffic handle, it really helps with keeping them close in crowded areas. The various ways to clip/connect the leash is great. I was able to adjust it as needed. And who could pass up on the cute webbing?! Very satisfied with my purchase!

First time customer!

It has been a challenge trying to find adorable collars that are also compatible with my Fi tracker - until now!! I got the Monstera Water Resistant Collar and the pattern is even prettier in person!!


Workmanship is solid, material is high quality, concept of strain relief for Fi device is much-needed, thank you! Design is very classy, goes with my leash & harness

Pretty and well-made

Very well-made!

Dolly F.
The Holly + Scrunchie

Got this Mom and pup combo, cuz it’s my name! And it’s just gorgeous!

Constellation Custom Dog ID Tag
Meghan O.
Perfect tag

An amazing job done on this item! It has held up well to my dogs daily run around and jumping in/out of the water. Perfectly clear for reading and just an overall adorable tag.


I am amazed with the quality of this harness!! Definitely going to last my rough tough tumble of a dog!! Fit great with room to grow if needed. Her fi is in a great place and isn’t getting so beat and scratched like with it was with the basic collar as well. Now to just get the male colors in stock so both pups will be set up perfectly. Worth the higher price which I was hesitant about.

So cute!

I love this collar! Works great with my boy's Fi tracker and the pattern is adorable!