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Based on 237 reviews
Amazing Fanny Pack

This fanny pack is awesome it has made training so much easier and the walks with my dogs so much more enjoyable. I highly recommend everyone that has a dog to get it! I absolutely love it!


Perfect fit for my dog great product

Awesome collar

Looks great and quality keeps on impressing me

Tahoma Peak collar

I absolutely love it, everywhere I go people ask me where it’s from! It’s such a beautiful collar with an amazing story behind it. Thank you so much!

Well made and useful leash

Nicely decorated leash made of strong materials that are very fray resistant. The second handle for controlling our dog in traffic has come in quite handy. The upper handle itself is a comfortable strap. The design on the leash is quite attractive. Several compliments from other dog walkers on both leash and our dog’ s collar. Also from Wildside.

Best dog park bag

I am loving this! It holds everything I need from dog bags, treats, my wallet, keys and even more. The material is so sturdy and the thick strap is perfect for fitting around you. I have gotten so many compliments on the color too😊. Recommend this for all dog pawrents

Luna easy click dog harness

5 stars works great!

Summit Collar
Jane H.
Best Collar Ever

I bought this collar two years ago and just bought an identical one to have as a backup. It is beautiful, sturdy and has attracted more compliments than I can count.

Love love love

Snow Bear loves being in the mountains and mommy loves her having her Fi on so she can track her off leash trail adventures. Finding the Mt. Millicent collar made us both happy! She gets the mountains on her neck while we are in the desert of Vegas and Mommy feels super safe and secure with how amazing the collar fits and attachment s! Thank you!!

Mt. Millicent Fi Collar

Great quality collar and the bonus is it’s compatible with the Fi collars. I will definitely be buying another one for my other dog! Beautifully made! Thank you for the great quality!

10/10 - Best Collar Yet

This isn't our first purchase from Designs by Wildside, but it may be our favorite. Our pup looks super cute and the water-resistant material helps it shrug off stains. With roots in Boston, the Dunkin Donuts reference was too good to pass up on.

Beautiful collar

I absolutely love this collar it so beautiful and well made!


Absolutely love the bear click and go harness!
Took a day to get it adjusted but now it’s perfect and
super cute.. easy off and on… Thank you


I love this harness. It goes on and off effortlessly and the Fi tracker fits perfectly. The harness feels secure without being overly bulky and my Rhodesian Ridgeback Ophelia loves it too!

Fi Harness

I was looking for a harness that was compatible with the Fi device and this one exceeds my expectations. I love that it has a clip on both the front and back so I don’t have to put it over the head! Wonderful features and amazing designs!

Ball is Life - Eco Canvas Collar (blue)
Loved the first one so much...

I bought this same collar almost a year ago for my dog and it still looks pretty much new- The eco-canvas is amazing! When we purchased a Fi collar for our dog, I knew I wanted to come back and get a second collar with the Fi compatible option. The collar is perfect and the Fi device fits perfectly and is very secure. The new packaging is also super nice and the treat for my dog is thoughtful. Couldn't be happier....thank you!

OBX collar

I love this collar. It’s fi compatible, and so stunning. The colors standout and it’s just a fun design.


The Fi module clicked in perfectly to the end links!

Amazing quality

The mt. Milicent collar is everything and more! It came just like the picture and I absolutely love that we can still have our fi attached to it as well :) Can't wait to get our next item!!

Love it

I love my collar and it’s girly enough My mal puppy feels like super woman in it

Love love love!

This collar is perfect! It's super cute and just what I was looking for. And it's easy to clean which is a big bonus with my messy puppy!

Great collar

The collar is beautiful! The Fi module clicked in to the links perfectly. So glad I purchased this collar!

Aurora Peak Dog Collar

I LOVE our new collar! It’s very sturdy which we need. Our dogs love to grab each other by the collar and it’s holding up great. We will be buying more for the other pups.

Does exactly what I need it to do

This harness is perfect! The Fi transmitter slid right into the collar portion of the harness. Cleans up easily, and has all of the other features I need in a dog harness.

Highly Recommended

Very comfortable and chic, one of the daily goes for my pup. Love the Ohana color so much. Vivid color combination with cute rainbows on. You just can not ask more.