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Perfect for my branch eating pup

Loved the collar! The links being on top of the collar is a game changer, since the Fi brand collars are inline and aren’t the greatest design for dogs who love to grab each other’s collars. Great quality and the pattern was exactly what was pictured online.

Awesome New Leash Style!

I’m in the process of testing this leash out with my dogs and it’s going well so far. I love the traffic handle, it really helps with keeping them close in crowded areas. The various ways to clip/connect the leash is great. I was able to adjust it as needed. And who could pass up on the cute webbing?! Very satisfied with my purchase!

First time customer!

It has been a challenge trying to find adorable collars that are also compatible with my Fi tracker - until now!! I got the Monstera Water Resistant Collar and the pattern is even prettier in person!!


Workmanship is solid, material is high quality, concept of strain relief for Fi device is much-needed, thank you! Design is very classy, goes with my leash & harness

Pretty and well-made

Very well-made!

The Holly + Scrunchie

Got this Mom and pup combo, cuz it’s my name! And it’s just gorgeous!

Constellation Custom Dog ID Tag
Meghan O.
Perfect tag

An amazing job done on this item! It has held up well to my dogs daily run around and jumping in/out of the water. Perfectly clear for reading and just an overall adorable tag.


I am amazed with the quality of this harness!! Definitely going to last my rough tough tumble of a dog!! Fit great with room to grow if needed. Her fi is in a great place and isn’t getting so beat and scratched like with it was with the basic collar as well. Now to just get the male colors in stock so both pups will be set up perfectly. Worth the higher price which I was hesitant about.

So cute!

I love this collar! Works great with my boy's Fi tracker and the pattern is adorable!

Best Collar!

I received this collar, packaged with great detail and care from the shop. The collar was perfect! I ordered the addition for the Fi attachments and it holds it perfectly. It fits my dog perfectly allowing room for growth and to size it down.

If you are considering purchasing one- do it, the quality is well worth the price!

FI End Link Add On

My favorite collar!!

Very well made, beautiful collar!! Looks amazing on my dog. Fast shipping and they went above and beyond on the packaging. Even sent a yummy cookie for my pup!!

Sarah K.
New favorite collar!!!!

This is by far our new favorite collar. The design is SO CUTE and the collar fits perfectly. The little removable flower is just the cherry on top of an already perfect collar!

Great collar

This collar was exactly what I was looking for. The Fi clips are on top of the collar, rather than part of the collar, making it more secure. And it looks great. I'm not sure my dog appreciates it quite as much as I do, but he seems comfortable in it, and we've gotten lots of compliments.

10/10 harness

Dirty flicks off easy, good handle, sturdy front and back clip, and most importantly for me, it’s reflective. Great for short legged dogs who have their legs slip out and get tripped up.

Fi collar

Love our new collar!!!! Collars are better in person, very well made!! Very happy with it!!!

Great Harness - wish they had a small

Overall, I really like this harness. My only complaint is that I wish they had a smaller option. My dog is on the “lower end of medium” based on his measurements, but because of the design with the FI clip, I can’t tighten it as much as I want to around his neck. Other than that, I really like this harness.

Blush Pink Leopard (Eco-Canvas)
Emily M.

I searched for quite some time for a Fi compatible collar for my Klee Kai. Being that they are a smaller dog a lot o the collar options from other makers were too big and/or bulky for her. I am IN LOVE with her new girlie collar that works nicely with her FI.

So comfy

This harness is sturdy, but comfortable for my dog. It’s lightweight, but strong.

Love this harness!!

This harness is now my new favorite harness ever!! Not only is it adorable and super great quality but the shoulder buckle is amazing for dogs with blocky heads that make it hard to slip over their heads!

Nude Luna Custom Dog ID Tag
Christina C.
Its adorable

Only took Off a star because piece used to attach to collar is too Small for collars. It got on with some fight but now is warped\loose. Otherwise its perfect

Worth It!!

This harness is the FULL package! Really, there is nothing that I dislike about it! The harness itsself is very well made and sturdy , fabric is a great simple design, and the XL fits my 85 pound GSD mix wonderfully! Double D rings give us an option of where we want to attach a leash. The ID holder is extra handy for if you don’t want to attach tags to the vest. Reflective strips will help us be more visible during night activities or early morning bathroom breaks. The locking buckle makes the whole harness extra secure and most importantly confuses anyone that may not have the best intentions towards your dog, I feel a lot safer letting her out knowing she is secure even if she puts her weight against the harness. The back strap helps me walk her outside. and will help me lift and assist her in her older years. But most importantly, I can attach her Fi module incase anything we’re to happen to her, it is so important that this includes allowing me to know where she is at all times!

Love this leash!

I’m so glad I found this company when looking for a new leash. The webbing has a beautiful pattern and is sturdy without feeling bulky. It’s the perfect length for control in the city but a little extra sniffing on the trails. The D-ring keeps the poop bag holder from flying around and padded handle adds comfort. The locking carabiner is easy to use, I just wish it was a little lighter since it does hit my dog’s shoulder when she walks on a loose leash.

Great Harness

We got a Fi Collar for our squirrel chaser and he has always worn a harness. We needed one that was combatible with the Fi Collar. It is a well made harness and we should get a few years use out of it.

Fi Compatible Collar | Blue Tiki
Shawn L.
Sharp looking collar

Great looking collar. Works great with the FI. I plan on adding more to our collection.