Thank you for stopping by our FAQ to answer any questions you may have. If you don't see your questions here please send us an email to designsbywildside@gmail.com. Thank you so much!


General FAQ

We try to respond to all emails/messages in a timely matter. Since we are crafters often times we are busy making your lovely orders vs. sitting in front of the computer. You will get a response within 24 hours Monday- Friday. Most of the time the answers will be in this FAQ or description. Thank you



Please be sure to add some additional room when measuring your dog. If your dog falls towards the end of a measurement please be sure to make a judgment call and size up. If you need any help we are happy to help! 


Buckle vs. Webbing 

Please note that the buckle will always be slightly bigger vs. the actual webbing/fabric. That is the nature of the buckle please keep that in mind. 

Custom Collar Sizes

If your dog falls between sizes please let me know so I can make a custom size for you.

How To Measure Your Pet's Neck

You will need a soft measuring tape to measure your pet's neck. You can usually purchase one at the grocery store in the sewing isle, dollar store or Joanne's. Please allow 2 fingers to slip underneath the measuring tape. 


Production and Shipping

Please note that production time and shipping time is completely different. Production time will take 2-3 weeks ( not including holidays or weekends). Shipping time with USPS is usually around 3-5 days not including the time they need to process the shipment on their end. Once the shipment is dropped off at the Post Office I have no control over the items. 

What I need the item sooner?

No problem! You can either add Rush Order. This is per item and the cost is $15- please send me a note. Please note that does not change the USPS time of delivery to you. You are only rushing your order through my shop, not the USPS. 

What is Rush Order? 

Rush order means your order will mean your processing time will be 5-7 business days ( not including holidays or weekend ) vs 2-3 weeks. Please keep in mind that this does not include the rush shipping that would be an option for you when you check out. 

International Shipping 

We ship worldwide (yay!) International shipping will take longer depending on where you are in the world. The buyer is responsible for any customs fees. Customs clearing time can range please be advised that I cannot do anything on my end to check. The buyer will have to contact your local post office and check.

Where is my order? 

Your order was given a tracking number for the USPS. Please search your email for this information before reaching out. 

Care Instructions 

For all fabric collars, we only recommend washing if needed by hand would be the best for a long-lasting collar. If you need to put it in the washer please use a laundry bag and on a low cycle. Lay flat to dry. 

For our adventure collars- you can do the same and lay flat. 

For our bandanas- you can wash them and also lay flat- otherwise, they will shrink 

Flower- pat dry

Refunds, Returns & Exchanges

We do not accept any exchanges or returns at the moment since we cannot resell an item that your pet has tried on. We worry about the safety of other pets and we are sorry that we can not accommodate this. It is important for the buyer to read through all the descriptions and ask any questions before purchasing. However, if the issue is our fault or a manufacturer issue we can review the issue before accepting the return.  Please do not ship anything back to the address on the envelope, you must reach out to us first. Thank you for being understanding.



If you have any additional questions please reach out at designsbywildside@gmail.com. Thank you!